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Call me "James". I was taught and trained since childhood by my parents to be a strong and broad-minded and the adventurous life since childhood I go abroad and learn all the essence of life on earth 'now, I'm still studying in Yogyakarta UIN Sunan Kalijaga INDONESIA.He he,,!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Facts Of me !

I just saw my great friend wrote like this in her wall, and here is the facts of me:

1.               I have a Simple name, Classic but not old, Islamic and cool Name Jamaludin (James Setanggor Lee)
2.           I was born on February at Friday ninety ninety tu 22-02-92. in long and nice village in Lombok Island Named Setanggor.
3.           Familiar with hand guns, riffle, submechine gun, and all sniper type. i do really like Guns...big guns like shotguns...! my favorit video in youtube is FPS Russian Guns !
4.           Some people asking me about my hobbies, I told them I like drawing I like calligrafhy and write something I think it’s important to share !
5.           Sometime easy to get angry but sometime difficult to get angry
6.           Sometime become Soft man- easy to feel hurt..if u talk to me, please dont use bad word, loud volume, or judge me. It will hurt me so deep and i dont want to hurt back, but if you are doing that continually without any doubts and with pleasures I will give you a punch on your face… !!
7.            I do really like a girl wearing red Hijab. With a nice smile looking at me, with lesung pipi,  a tahi lalat and a smooth mustache on her lips, a soft girl, smart and clever easy to understand about everythings…!
8.           Sometime become a silent man no talks no sounds if you don’t say hello first.
9.           I do really like to fix or fixing something broken like a broken radio, I will fix it whatever it takes it’s must be fixed. And all of things broken I will fix it as I can !
10.     Easy to understand about everythings if u explain it clearly and friendly !
11.         Easy to fall in love with pretty and cute girl.
12.     Easy to get (LABIL) easy to cry because and for a girl...for a girl I love !
13.     I Believe my dream will be created in my next page...I always say to my self “Tomorrow will be better”
14.     Whenever I standing up I always trying to gather a billion smiles from peoples around of me.
15.     Free happy young man - i know what is the best for me and my self 
16.     Mountain and green look is my favorite place, nice and calm house and home with any smile inside.
17.      I used to live in Indonesia, Lombok Island the last number of the most beautiful island in ASIA.
18.     Adventure, hangout, organization, singing, watching films are my hobbies too !
19.     Dream , Pray , Try, Commitment, And Self Confident is my way to reach my goals.
20. I love to help people, to do volunteering, sharing and make everybody smile :')
21.     Sometime Easy to like but difficult to fall in love.
22. Red is my fav. Color. it tell you that I were a brave man. 
23. I always make a dream list every year.
24. Ambassador of Indonesian Art is my future dream
25. I like Kissies and Hugs. But I never kiss or hug a girl in my life until now !
26. Very Easy to forgive.
27.  Allahu Ahad, family, friends, dream Success and Love is my all!! 5 points that make me happy

Waiting for your fact!!